Overcoming the challenges of shooting at a restaurant

I recently conducted a food photography workshop which I think was a big success in my book because I think it gave me a chance to address some of the issues that are faced by photographers when shooting food. So I’m gonna do the same with this post

This was one of the toughest shoots I’ve ever done. Mainly cuz I had no access to cutlery or crockery (plates, dishes, cups and stuff). I obviously can’t blame the restaurant since the whole concept of the restaurant was to serve American style pizza where the pizzas are sold in slices in a non-fancy way. Since that’s the kind of vibe they were going for, the pizzas were served in these paper plate thingies.

A wonderful restaurant but not good for photography! Plating and styling is a very important part of food photography! Like Tony Stark in Iron man 3, I had to play without my toys (cutlery and crockery)!

So to deal with the situation I mentally scanned the area and saw the good parts of the scene that I have, for the picture.

1. Wooden table
2. Great lighting from the windows (went for backlighting, obviously)
3. Fresh pizzas (which are a plus cuz they start looking sad when they’re not fresh.
4. Basil and chilly flake bottles.
5. Glass windows which allowed a view of the road outside and the vehicles moving there.

Behind the scenes shot of how I set up the camera!
Aand that’s how it turned out!

With the focus set on the pizza, I set up the scene and tried to incorporate just these 5 things in the picture with no focus on what I didn’t have access to.

So yeah! I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and I think I did my best with the situation!

Canon 6D | Canon 50mm F/1.8 | ISO 50 | Natural light

Hope it helps you make your shots better under challenging circumstances! Go iron man 3 those shoots! :p

Also here are a few more pics I shot there!




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